Ben’s influences lay deep in old-school grounds. Citing bands like Pink Floyd and The Beatles among his influences, Ben captures a melodic simplicity peppered with 90s Britannia youth, lifted with a Smiths-esque groove that’ll keep your foot tapping throughout the evening.

He’s best-regarded for his sharp hooks and indie-pop melodies, cut with dark heartfelt abandon of love and hope.

With the help of a new Minneapolis-based label, Martin-Guild, Ben came to America and recorded his first full-length album ever: The Motor Car and The Weather Balloon (coming soon!).

To bring his music to life, Martin-Guild engaged some of the finest musicians in the Midwest, including drummer Michael Bland, who, in addition to playing with Prince, has played for Johnny Lang, George Benson, Chaka Khan, The Dixie Chicks, and Soul Asylum.

Also credited on Ben’s record are Greg Inhofer, who played keyboards on Bob Dylan’s album Blood On The Tracks, and Joey Molland from Badfinger, whose rich history includes playing with George Harrison on his award-winning solo album All Things Must Pass.

The album was produced by Mark Healey (Badfinger), and the results are amazing. The line-up of musicians brought extraordinary talent and influence to the music. “Ben brings incredible power and raw emotion, as well as a remarkable ability to tell a story through each and every song on the album,” Mark said. “He was a joy to work with.”

Two of the album’s videos, for ‘Stories in the Rain’ and ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf’, were directed by Emmy-winning Dan Huiting.

Integration (Not Segregation) is now available for download/streaming:

Photos by April

Fantastic! Pure brilliance. I love it.
— Chris Campbell of Hurricane #1
A quintessentially British record — I love every track!
— Joey Molland of Badfinger

Ben Brookes is managed by Martin-Guild Recordings.

My latest release, the single Integration (Not Segregation):