A massive thank-you to all the bloggers, press, and writers who’ve had so many kind words to say about my music — especially my debut album The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon.

The Huffington Post

“A strong album. The melodies are attractive and Brookes’ distinctive voice infuses the songs with an interesting exotic aroma.”

The Spin Cycle

“His vocals are crystal clear, and focused on sharing his message to listeners.”

Band Camp Diaries

“Integration (Not Segregation) could be compared to the higher message of hope so dear to artists such as John Lennon or Bob Geldof, just to mention a few.”


“This song got my head nodding and had me leave it on repeat all day.”


Dancing About Architecture

“Where it goes next is an emotive, less-is-more place filled with integrity, intelligence, and, most of all, great songwriting. Count me along for the ride.”

Middle Tennesse Music

“Injecting hope into a darkening world, Integration (Not Segregation) focuses on the importance of accepting one another despite color, culture, or creed.”


Buden Bay

“The production is straight out of the top drawer and the effects used in the introduction and towards the end are really cool too!”

Stereo Stickman

“This is a pretty incredible song. Taking the very best of effective musical build ups, utilising the passion of heartfelt songwriting and a lust for indie rock instrumentation – Ben Brookes showcases the way to make a hook hit with impact.”


“Delivering a message of people divided by a system set to keep us from uniting, the strong tone and lyrics captures you. because at this moment, we all quietly feel a fear of self destruction.”

Ben Brookes The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon


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Stories in the Rain

Integration (Not Segregation)